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How Long Will You Spend With My Pet?

Visits will last a minimum of 20 minutes (£12) or we have a one hour rate (£20)

We also offer overnights for those who prefer to have a pet sitter live in.

When Do I Give The Keys To You ?

We collect keys at the free meet and greet so please ensure you have a spare set of keys that have been tested and work. 

Key return is arranged on your day of return. Many of our regular clients are more than happy for us to hold on to their keys which are locked away safely and named for customer confidentiality. 

Are Your Rates Higher Over Public Holidays?

Yes. All public holidays including Christmas and Boxing Day. 

How Much Notice Do We Need To Give?

As much notice as possible would be appreciated. We can get extremely busy at peak times which are School half terms and over Christmas/New Year. 

While we try to accommodate last-minute requests, this may only be possible for clients whose keys we hold. 

What Happens If There Is A Emergency With My Pet?

You will be alerted and your cat will be taken to your vet if necessary.  Upon the meet and greet you will be asked to sign a vet release form. should we need to take your pet to the vets.

I am however veterinary trained and can keep a watchful eye over your pet if need be. 

Can I Contact You For Updates?

Absolutely! We will send you daily updates and photos upon request.